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At Gab you are the customer, not the product being sold. Big Tech tracks you and sells your data. Gab sells our PRO service. Go GabPRO to support our mission and unlock additional features on Gab.

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Here are just some of the benefits that thousands of PRO members receive.

Get Verified

PRO members have the ability to apply for verification and receive a blue checkmark on Gab.

Schedule Posts

Schedule posts on your Gab Social feeds.

Compose Rich Text

Compose Rich Text posts (BoldItalicUnderline and more)

Create More Groups

Create and manage up to 100 Gab Groups.

Gab TV Channel

PRO users get their own Gab TV channel to host videos.

No Ads

Remove all promoted posts in your Gab Social feeds.


PRO Badge

Instantly get the PRO badge on your Gab Social profile.

Bookmark Posts

Bookmark and save posts to a private collection.

Self-Destructing Posts

Set your posts to automatically delete after a period of time.

Fight Against Silicon Valley Tyranny

Read what some of our GabPRO members are saying about Gab and why they support us.

I support gab because free speech needs defending, and it needs a home. And I put my money where my mouth is.


We believe in supporting Gab’s efforts to uphold the principles enshrined in our constitution and by the brave men who fought and the many who gave their lives on behalf of the Liberties we are gifted in this nation. This is why we have decided to become a Pro member of Gab. Thank you.

European Beauty

I went PRO to ensure that I was supporting this platform. The ONLY social media platform on earth that allows you to speak freely.


You guys have been fighting against extreme resistance for Free Speech. I appreciate it and just wanted to help, even if it is only a small part. Looking forward I am wanting to become more involved!


I went PRO to do my small part to keep Andrew Torba’s dream alive. I love being Gab’s customer. At Twitter and Facebook, I am the product, and the advertisers are the customers.

Bill St. Clair

I signed up for a pro account because I'm an avid supporter of alt tech. Gab has enabled me to tap into talent I didn't know existed and has given me a voice to help other users.

Bill Tux

Upgrade to GabPRO

Gab is fully funded by people like you. Please consider supporting us on our mission to defend free speech online for all people.